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Prof. Clément Mazet
C. Mazet
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Scientific Articles, Open Access (580)
580 Discovery of Eco-compatible Synthetic Paths by a Multi-catalysis Approach
J. Rodriguez, A. Quintard*
Scientific Articles, Open Access (584)
Bioinspired Catalytic Generation of Main-group Electrophiles by Cooperative Bond Activation
F. Forster, M. Oestreich*
Scientific Articles, Open Access (589)
THQphos in Ir-catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Substitution Reactions
X. Zhanga, S. You*
Scientific Articles, Open Access (595)
Synthesis of Nitrogen Heterocycles via Directed Carbonylative C–C Bond Activation of Cyclopropanes
A. G. Dalling, J. F. Bower*
Scientific Articles, Open Access (601)
A Perspective in Catalysis: Development of Efficient Methods in the Age of Sustainability
M. J. O’Neill, J. Cornella*
Scientific Articles, Open Access (606)
New Directions in Transition Metal Catalyzed Carbonylation Chemistry
D. U. Nielsen, K. T. Neumann, T. Skrydstrup*
Scientific Articles, Open Access (610)
Gold-catalyzed Dearomatization Reactions
J. An, M. Bandini*
Scientific Articles, Open Access (614)
Selectivity in Transition Metal-catalyzed Cyclizations: Insights from Experiment and Theory
E. A. Anderson*, R. S. Paton
Scientific Articles, Open Access (621)
A General Copper-based Photoredox Catalyst for Organic Synthesis: Scope, Application in Natural Product Synthesis and Mechanistic Insights
C. Deldaele, B. Michelet, H. Baguia, S. Kajouj, E. Romero, C. Moucheron, G. Evano*
Scientific Articles, Open Access (630)
Challenges and Opportunities in DNA-based Asymmetric Catalysis
M. Smietana*, S. Arseniyadis*
Column: Swiss Science Concentrates (646)
Swiss Science Concentrates, 2018/09
A. Karimi, V. Schreier, A. Johnson, N. W. Luedtke*
Column: Highlights of Analytical Sciences in Switzerland (647)
Enlightening the Lactate Degradation Processes in Cheese and Bacterial Cultures Using Phenylboronic Esterification and GC-MS
R. Badertscher*, C. Freiburghaus, D. Wechsler, S. Irmler
Column: Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology Highlights (648)
Practical Aspects of Machine Learning for the Design-Synthesis-Purify-Assay Workflow
F. Sirockin*, N. Stiefl*
Column: Chemical Education (650)
Carnivores’ Teeth: Inorganic Materials in Action
C. E. Housecroft
Column: Universities of Applied Sciences (FH-HES) (652)
Environmental Sciences at Universities of Applied Sciences
S. Crelier*, O. Vorlet, P. Corvini, P. Lienemann
Column: Biotechnet Switzerland (657)
Where Do Personalized Health Care Technologies Stand Today?
E. Heinzelmann
Column: SCS Foundation (668)
Alfred Werner Fund, Master’s Student Scholarships
H. P. Lüthi
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