CHIMIA Vol. 75, 03/2021: H2 Production and CO2 Conversion: Insights and Progress

Prof. Dr. Greta R. Patzke
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Table of Contents
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Hydrogen Storage by Reduction of CO2 to Synthetic Hydrocarbons
K. Zhao, W. Luo, N. Gallandat, J. Zhang, A. Züttel*
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Unwrap Them First: Operando Potential-induced Activation Is Required when Using PVP-Capped Ag Nanocubes as Catalysts of CO2 Electroreduction
M. de Jesús Gálvez-Vázquez, H. Xu, P. Moreno-García, Y. Hou, H. Hu, B. J. Wiley, S. Vesztergom*, P. Broekmann*
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Cobalt Complexes of Polypyridyl Ligands for the Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
E. Joliat-Wick, M. Mosberger, N. Weder, B. Spingler, B. Probst, R. Alberto*
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Surface Chemistry of Perovskite Oxynitride Photocatalysts: A Computational Perspective
M. Bouri, S. Ninova, H. Ouhbi, N. Vonrüti, U. Aschauer*
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Swiss Science Concentrates
S.-M. Guo, A. Kudashev, T. Miyakoshi, M. Zuccarello, O. Baudoin*
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Single-Molecule Analytics of Reaction Products of Guanine Oxidation in Oligonucleotides
J. Sobek*, R. Schlapbach
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Chemistry 4.0: How the Digital Revolution is Changing Chemical Research
M. Stenta
211 | PDF | Column: Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology Highlights
Elephants in the Room, Part 2: Gymnastics for Elementary Particles
A. F. Williams
213 | PDF | Column: Chemical Education
Keeping SARS-CoV-2 out: Vaccines, Filters, and Self-disinfecting Textiles
D. Eibl, M. Sievers, R. Eibl, M. Bachmann, S. Walton, N. Keel, G. Richner, S. Stübinger, S. Hirsch, C. Yeretzian, S. E. W. Opitz, T. Heldal, C. Adlhart*
215 | PDF | Column: Universities of Applied Sciences (FH-HES)
Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology in the Age of the Pandemic
J.-L. Reymond*, Y. P. Auberson, F. Benfatti, C. Zumbrunn
225 | PDF | Column: A Perspective on Chemistry and Society on the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of CHIMIA
Passion and Perspectives for Swiss Chemical Manufacturing
B. Urwyler*
227 | PDF | Column: A Perspective on Chemistry and Society on the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of CHIMIA
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