CHIMIA Vol. 74, 11/2020: Innovative Tools in Organic / Organometallic Chemistry

Prof. Cristina Nevado
C. Nevado
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Table of Contents
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Copper, Boron and Vinyl Epoxides: from 1,4-Diols to Cyclopropylboronates
L. Nóvoa, L. Trulli, A. Parra, M. Tortosa*
852 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Catalytic Enantioselective Reactions with (Benzo)Pyrylium Salts
S. Joseph, G. Khassenova, O. García Mancheño*
857 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Lithium-mediated Ferration of Fluoroarenes
L. C. H. Maddock, A. Kennedy, E. Hevia*
866 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Towards Atropoenantiopure N-C Axially Chiral Compounds via Stereoselective C–N Bond Formation
J. Frey, S. Choppin, F. Colobert, J. Wencel-Delord*
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Swiss Science Concentrates
S.-M. Guo, A. Kudashev, T. Miyakoshi, M. Zuccarello, O. Baudoin*
904 | PDF | Column: Swiss Science Concentrates
Microfluidics and Electron Microscopy: A Powerful Couple
L. Rima, A. Fränkl, A. Syntychaki, P. Oliva, M. Zimmermann, X. Wildermuth, R. Sütterlin, Th. Braun*
906 | PDF | Column: Highlights of Analytical Sciences in Switzerland
A Brief History and Practical Applications in DNA Extraction
H. L. Gahlon
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