CHIMIA Vol. 74, 10/2020: The Swiss Startup Ecosystem: Innovationin Chemistry and the Life Sciences

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“No Innovation Without Cooperation” – How Switzerland Innovation Promotes Cooperation Between Industry, Research and Startups
R. Tschanz*, S. Cristo, L. Delgado, V. Hiroz, M. Jordan, R. Kalt, I. Mitchell, N. Müller, C. Roeoesli, V. Tamburello, S. Tauber
755 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Notch Inhibition in Cancer: Challenges and Opportunities
D. Fabbro, M. Bauer, M. Murone, R. Lehal*
779 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
AquaSpark™ – Rapid Environmental Monitoring of Listeria monocytogenes
G. M. Ganz, L. Reinau, A.-F. Imhaus, M. Hupfeld*, L. Fieseler
791 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Discovery of Small Molecule Drugs Targeting the Biogenesis of microRNA-155 for the Treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
K. Azzaoui*, M. Blommers, M. Götte, K. Zimmermann, H. Liu, H. Fretz
798 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Pushing the Frontiers of Accessible Chemical Space to Unleash Design Creativity and Accelerate Drug Discovery
T. C. Fessard*, K. Goncharenko, Q. Lefebvre, C. Salomé
803 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Cartridge-based Automated Synthesis – A New Tool for the Synthetic Chemist
B. M. Wanner*, P. L. Nichols, T. Jiang
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Swiss Science Concentrates
S.-M. Guo, A. Kudashev, T. Miyakoshi, M. Zuccarello, O. Baudoin*
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Chemical and Functional Complexity in Flower Fragrance
Florian P. Schiestl
820 | PDF | Column: Highlights of Analytical Sciences in Switzerland
Zerovalent Metallosupramolecular Polymers as Precursors to Nanocomposites
Stephen Schrettl*, Luis M. Olaechea, and Christoph Weder*
821 | PDF | Column: Polymer and Colloid Highlights
Where Do Agrochemicals Come From?
Guillaume Berthon*
822 | PDF | Column: Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology Highlights
The Vitamin C Analogue 2-O-β-d-Glucopyranosyll- ascorbic Acid in Rhizomes, Stems and Leaves of Lycium barbarum
Carole Bubloza, Isabelle Udrisard, Fabrice Micaux, Umberto Piantini, Lara Amini-Rentsch, Roger Marti, Wilfried Andlauer*
828 | PDF | Column: Universities of Applied Sciences (FH-HES)
SCS Fall Meeting 2020: A Success Story Based on ‘Plan B’
Hans Peter Lüthi*, Silvio Decurtins*, David Spichiger, Céline Wittwer
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