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Renewable Energy from Finite Resources: Example of Emerging Photovoltaics
F. Schmidt, A. Schäffer, M. Lenz*
874 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Surface Modifications of Positive-Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
N. Hee Kwon*, J. Conder, M. Srout, K. M. Fromm*
880 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Energy Conversion Processes with Perovskite-type Materials
D. Ferri*, D. Pergolesi*, E. Fabbri*
913 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Testing a Silver Nanowire Catalyst for the Selective CO2 Reduction in a Gas Diffusion Electrode Half-cell Setup Enabling High Mass Transport Conditions
M. de Jesús Gálvez-Vázquez, S. Alinejad, H. Hu, Y. Hou, P. Moreno-García, A. Zana, G. K.H. Wiberg, P. Broekmann*, M. Arenz*
922 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Bimetallic Electrocatalysts for Carbon Dioxide Reduction
D. Ren, J. Gao, S. M. Zakeeruddin, M. Grätzel*
928 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Hole and Protonic Polarons in Perovskites
A. Braun*, Q. Chen*, A. Yelon*
936 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Swiss Science Concentrates
Y. Baumgartner, N. Niggli, D. Savary, P. Thesmar, O. Baudoin*
943 | PDF | Column: Swiss Science Concentrates
Equipment-free Detection of K+ on Paper
Y. Soda, D. Citterio*, E. Bakker*
944 | PDF | Column: Highlights of Analytical Sciences in Switzerland
Visualization of Latent Fingerprints on Aluminum
R. Fischer, M. Oetken*
945 | PDF | Column: Chemical Education
Matched Pair Theranostics
A. Türler
947 | PDF | Column: Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology Highlights
Swiss Summer School ‘Trends in Organic Synthesis’ Villars-sur-Ollon, August 18–22, 2019
C. G. Bochet*, P. Renaud*, H. P. Lüthi*
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Swiss Stakeholder Workshop for the SUNRISE H2020 FET-Flagship Project
A. Braun*, R. Toth*
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