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A New World for Chemical Synthesis?
S. V. Ley*, Y. Chen, D. E. Fitzpatrick, O. May
792 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Fouling of Flow Reactors in Organolithium Mediated Transformations: Experience on Scale-up and Proposed Solution
P. Filipponi, B. Guelat, J. Haber, S. Mostarda, R. O’Meadhra, L. Piccioni, J. Polenk, B. Schenkel, S. Schoenebeck, A. Streit, R. Suremann, F. Venturoni*, S. Wegmann
809 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
A Hybridised Optimisation of an Automated Photochemical Continuous Flow Reactor
J. A. Manson, A. D. Clayton, C. Gonzalez Niño, R. Labes, T. W. Chamberlain, A. J. Blacker, N. Kapur, R. A. Bourne*
817 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
A Chemoselective and Scalable Transfer Hydrogenation of Aryl Imines by Rapid Continuous Flow Photoredox Catalysis
R. L. Pilkington, N. P. Rossouw, D. J. van As, A. Polyzos*
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Swiss Science Concentrates
835 | PDF | Column: Swiss Science Concentrates
Fat-soluble Vitamins in Foods: Analysis by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Coupled to Mass Spectrometry
E. Campos-Giménez*, J.-M. Oberson
836 | PDF | Column: Highlights of Analytical Sciences in Switzerland
From Glyph to Element Symbol - A Story of Names
E. C. Constable
837 | PDF | Column: Chemical Education
SCS Photochemistry Section Meeting – Fribourg, June 14, 2019
T. Kumpulainen*, A. Fürstenberg*
840 | PDF | Conference Report
Microplastics – from Anthropogenic to Natural
N. Hanik, V. Amstutz, M. Zinn*
841 | PDF | Column: Universities of Applied Sciences (FH-HES)
CHIMIA 2019, 73, 571–580
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