Prof. E. Peter Kündig
E. P. Kündig
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Towards a Synthetic Mitochondrion
O. Biner, T. Schick, A. A. Ganguin, C. von Ballmoos*
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The Three C’s of Cethrene
M. Jurícek
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New Earth-abundant Materials for Large-scale Solar Fuels Generation
R. R. Prabhakar, W. Cui, S. D. Tilley*
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Swiss Science Concentrates, 2018/05
A. Johnson, A. Karimi, V. Schreier, N. W. Luedtke*
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High-resolution, Non-destructive X-ray Tomography
M. Holler*, M. Guizar-Sicairos, E. H. R. Tsai, M. Odstrcil, R. Dinapoli, E. Müller, A. Diaz, O. Bunk, J. Raab, G. Aeppli
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Assembly, Aggregation and Gelation in Nanocellulose Dispersions
G. Nyström
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SimplyNano-Experimentierkoffer und die Plattform Swiss Nano-Cube
T. Flüeler
341 | PDF | Column: Chemical Education
Surface Immobilization and Shielding of a Transaminase Enzyme for the Stereoselective Synthesis of Pharmaceutically Relevant Building Blocks
A. T. Alami, F. Richina, M. R. Correro, Y. Dudal, P. Shahgaldian*
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MDPI: An Open Access Publisher
Shu-Kun Lin
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