Dr. Alessandro Mordini
A. Mordini
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Renaissance of an Old Topic: From Borazines to BN-doped Nanographenes
M. M. Lorenzo-García, D. Bonifazi*
550 | Online Article | Scientific Articles, Open Access
Stereoselective Reactions with Chiral Schiff Bases Metal Complexes
A. Gualandi, C. M. Wilson, P. G. Cozzi*
562 | Online Article | Scientific Articles, Open Access
Arene Ruthenium(II) Complexes with Phosphorous Ligands as Possible Anticancer Agents
L. Biancalana, G. Pampaloni, F. Marchetti*
573 | Online Article | Scientific Articles, Open Access
Enantioselective Reductions Promoted by (Cyclopentadienone)iron Complexes
U. Piarulli*, S. Vailati Fachini, L. Pignataro
580 | Online Article | Scientific Articles, Open Access
The Stille Reaction: Applications in the Synthesis of Organic Dyes for DSSCs
G. Reginato*, A. Mordini*, L. Zani, M. Calamante, A. Dessì, D. Franchi
586 | Online Article | Scientific Articles, Open Access
Organic Diselenides: Versatile Reagents, Precursors, and Intriguing Biologically Active Compounds
C. Santi*, C. Tomassini, L. Sancineto
592 | Online Article | Scientific Articles, Open Access
Swiss Science Concentrates, 2017/09
C. D. Bösch, M. Kownacki, Y. Vyborna, S. M. Langenegger, R. Häner*
600 | PDF | Column: Swiss Science Concentrates
Quantification of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds Against Surrogate Matrix by HILIC-MS/MS
C. Steuer*, P. Schuetz, L. Bernasconi, A. R. Huber
601 | PDF | Column: Highlights of Analytical Sciences in Switzerland
Advanced Cell Culture Systems: Exactly what Academia and Industry Need!
E. Heinzelmann
602 | PDF | Column: Biotechnet Switzerland
Producing Renewable Energies Swiss Innovation at EXPO 2017 in Astana
E. Heinzelmann
605 | PDF | Column: Biotechnet Switzerland
SCHeMA EU Project Summer School Report
M. Akter, M. Auguste, J. Bir, E. Blanco, T. Briaudeau, G. Dapueto, D. de Cerio, C. Coccoli, M. Creemers, M. Espino, D. Gain, E. Gil-Uriarte, C. Grimaldi, S. M. I. Khalil, A. Lopez, A. Rementeria, M. Roch, A. Rodriguez, O. Roman, H. Ruoyu, M. Abdou, M. Col
609 | PDF | Conference Report
10th Young Faculty Meeting, 6th June 2017
F. Cougnon*, A. Ruggi*, L. Merz*
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Alfred Werner Fund, Master’s Student Scholarships
H.P. Lüthi
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Community News
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