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Fluorescence Enhancement Detection of Underivatized Amino Acids Using a Trifluoroacetophenone-Based Tripodal Fluoroionophore
S. Sasaki, G. Monma, D. Citterio, K. Yamada, K. Suzuki*
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Optical Sensing and Switching with Designed Molecules
A. Prasanna de Silva*, D.C. Magri*
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Nanostructured Porous Silicon – Optical Properties, Surface Modification and Sensor Applications
I. Jelínek*, T. Chvojka, V. Vrkoslav, J. Jindrˇich, M. Lorenc, D. Nižnˇanský, I. Neˇmec, V. Král, J. Dian
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Application of Special FTIR ATR Techniques for Quantitative Structural Analysis of Thin Surface Layers
D. Baurecht, G. Reiter, N. Hassler, M. Schwarzott, U.P. Fringeli*
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Recent Advances in Optical DNA Biosensors Technology
B. Kuswandi, S.Tombelli, G. Marazza, M. Mascini*
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Cellular Assays with Multiparametric Bioelectronic Sensor Chips
J. Wiest, M. Brischwein, J. Ressler, A.M. Otto, H. Grothe, B. Wolf*
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New Opportunities for Measurement Systems Thanks to New Trends in Space Laboratories
I. Walther*, N. de Rooij, B. van der Schoot, A. Cogoli
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Evaluation of Confocal Fluorescence Spectroscopy for the Detection of Pathological Prion Proteins
A. Dietrich, K. Bossart, B. Oesch, C. Stamm, A.J. Raeber*
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CHIMIA-Report, 2005/05
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