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P. Renaud
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A Simple Straightforward Synthesis of Phenylphosphane and the Photoinitiator Bis(mesitoyl)phenylphosphane Oxide (IRGACURE 819)
H. Grützmacher*, J. Geier, D. Stein, T. Ott, H. Schönberg, R. H. Sommerlade, S. Boulmaaz, J.-P. Wolf, P. Murer, T. Ulrich
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Lead-Discovery of bis-Aromatic Alkynes: A Novel Class of Herbicides
J. Glock, J. Allen, T. Niderman, H. U. Haas, R. Chollet, M. Eberle, P. Renold, W. Lutz, J. Ehrler, M. Valentini, M. Walti, E. Sieger, T. Vettiger, H. Brunner, J. E. Penzotti, P. D. J. Grootenhuis, S. Bondy, D. D. Comer, S. Cheng, A. Steiger, M. Zeller, G.
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Thermal Runaway of Dried Sewage Sludge Granules in Storage Tanks
M. S. Poffet, K. Käser, T. A. Jenny*
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Prelog Medal 2007 – Laudatio for Scott Denmark
A. Eschenmoser
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M. Austeri, R. Bach, N. Mehanna, R. Novikov, A. Sharma, F. Torricelli, J. Lacour
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SCG-Jahresbericht 2007
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