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From Molecules to Molecular Systems
B. L. Feringa (Paracelsus Prize 2008)
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Catalysis by Gold: Why Size Matters
J. A. van Bokhoven (Werner Prize 2008)
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Light-Activatable Nucleic Acids ‘Caged’ at the Nucleobases
M. Buff, T. Mack, A. Heckel§* (Grammatcakis-Neumann Prize 2008(§))
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Biotin – The Chiral Challenge
W. Bonrath, R. Karge, T. Netscher*, F. Roessler, F. Spindler (Sandmeyer Award 2008)
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Intensity Tracking for Vibrational Spectra of Large Molecules
K. Kiewisch§, S. Luber, J. Neugebauer*, M. Reiher* (SCS Mettler-Toledo Awards (Oral Presentations§))
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Histamine-3 Receptor Inverse Agonists for the Treatment of Obesity: Validation of the Target and Identification of Novel Series
P. D. Pierson, C. Freichel, S. Gatti-Mac Arthur, C. Hertel, J. Huwyler, P. Mohr, T. Nakagawa, M. Nettekoven, J.-M. Plancher§*, S. Raab, H. Richter, O. Roche, R. M. Rodríguez Sarmiento, M. Schmitt, F. Schuler, T. Takahashi, S. Taylor, C. Ullmer, R. Wiegand
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Adsorption and Self-Organization of Dendrimers at Water–Solid Interfaces
I. Popa§, R. Longtin, P. Maroni, G. Papastavrou, M. Borkovec* (SCS Mettler-Toledo Awards (Oral Presentations§))
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About the Electrospray Ionization Source in Mass Spectrometry: Electrochemistry and On-chip Reactions
M. Prudent§, M. A. Méndez, C. Roussel, B. Su, N. Lion, J. S. Rossier, H. H. Girault* (SCS Mettler-Toledo Awards (Oral Presentations§))
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Recent Advances in Nonviral Gene Transfection – A Decade of Research into Poly-(β-amino esters)
A. Zumbuehl (SCS Mettler-Toledo Awards (Oral Presentations§))
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When Machine Tastes Coffee: Successful Prediction of Coffee Sensory Profiles by Instrumental Methods
C Lindinger*, C. Yeretzian, I. Blank
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CHI CD: A Multimedia Approach to High School Chemistry
C. Ammann
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DAC Weiterbildung Analytik
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