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Prof. Philippe Renaud
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Understanding Selective Oxidations
U. Neuenschwander, N. Turrà, C. Aellig, P. Mania, I. Hermans*
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Spectral Aliasing: A Super Zoom for 2D-NMR Spectra. Principles and Applications
G. Bayiha Ba Njock, D. E. Pegnyemb, T. A. Bartholomeusz, P. Christen, B. Vitorge, J.-M. Nuzillard, R. Shivapurkar, M. Foroozandeh, D. Jeannerat*
235 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Functionalizable Oligoprolines as Molecular Scaffolds
Y. A. Nagel§, M. Kuemin, H. Wennemers* (SCS DSM Prize for best posters)
264 | Online Article | Scientific Articles, Open Access
(...) Dark Chocolate May Beneficially Modulate the Stress-related Metabolism in Humans
F.-P. J. Martin, S. Rezzi, S. Collino, S. Kochhar *
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SCS Events 2010
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EuCheMS Newsletter
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