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Phase Decomposition upon Alteration of Radiation-Damaged Monazite–(Ce) from Moss, Østfold, Norway
L. Nasdala*, K. Ruschel, D. Rhede, R. Wirth, L. Kerschhofer-Wallner, A. K. Kennedy, P. D. Kinny, F. Finger, N. Groschopf
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Mineralogy and Cultural Heritage
G. Artioli
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Synthetic Calcium Phosphate Ceramics for Treatment of Bone Fractures
N. Döbelin*, R. Luginbühl, M. Bohner
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Cation Ordering and Superstructures in Natural Layered Double Hydroxides
S. V. Krivovichev*, V. N. Yakovenchuk, A. A. Zolotarev, Jr., G. N. Ivanyuk, Y. A. Pakhomovsky
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Optical Detection of Endogenous Biological Cyanide
F. Zelder*, C- Männel-Croisé
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Quantification of the Total Amount of Artemisinin in Leaf Samples by TLC
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