Transient Batteries: A Promising Step Towards Powering Green Electronics




Degradability, Electrochemical performance, Transient battery, Transient electronics


Transient electronics is an emerging class of innovative technology wherein electronic devices undergo controlled degradation processes after a period of stable operation, leaving no toxic products behind. This technology offers exciting opportunities in research areas of green electronics, temporary biomedical implants, data-secure hardware systems, and many others. However, one major challenge with these devices is their rigid and bulky batteries that contain toxic chemicals and are not at all degradable. So, to realize autonomous and self-sufficient transient electronics, the development of transient batteries is a pre-requisite. This review provides an overview of the advancements in the field of transient batteries, their materials, output performance, transience behaviour, and a few potential applications.




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N. Mittal, M. Niederberger, Chimia 2022, 76, 298, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2022.298.