Transporters for Bile Formation in Physiology and Pathophysiology




Function test, Liver, Pathophysiology, Physiology, Transporter


The liver fulfills many vital functions for the body, among them bile formation and detoxification. Bile salts are organic anions, are the major constituents of bile and are at high concentrations cytotoxic. Detoxification exposes the liver to many harmful compounds. This function is therefore potentially damaging to the liver. Impaired bile formation may lead to hepatic accumulation of bile salts and subsequently to liver disease. Diagnosis of liver diseases involves the measurement of so-called liver function parameters. This overview aims to characterize and summarize the role of organic anion transporters in bile formation at the protein level under normal physiologic conditions and in liver function tests used for diagnosing liver diseases in pathophysiologic situations.




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B. Stieger, Chimia 2022, 76, 1025, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2022.1025.