Biologically Relevant Small Radicals


  • Georg Bauer
  • Gabor Speier
  • Gabor Merenyi
  • Jozsef Kaizer
  • Sara Goldstein
  • Bernard T. Golding
  • Georg Gescheidt
  • Lidia Gebicka
  • Jerzy L. Gebicki
  • Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu
  • Peter Wardman



Antioxidants, Reactive carbon species, Reactive oxygen species, Reactive nitrogen species, Reactive sulfur species, Signaling pathways


Biologically relevant small radicals are at the focus of the working group 4 (WG4) of the COST Action CM0603 (Free Radicals in Chemical Biology, CHEMBIORADICAL). This article surveys the areas of research being undertaken by the partners in WG4. The character of the radicals is described together with experimental techniques utilized to follow their structure and reactivity. Specifically, C-, S-, N- and O-centered radicals of small size, and their interaction with different biomolecules are described. Processes at the molecular level exemplifying important biological signaling and damaging pathways are introduced.




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G. Bauer, G. Speier, G. Merenyi, J. Kaizer, S. Goldstein, B. T. Golding, G. Gescheidt, L. Gebicka, J. L. Gebicki, C. Chatgilialoglu, P. Wardman, Chimia 2008, 62, 704, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2008.704.