Bau einer Mehrprodukte-Formulierungsanlage für Vitamin- und Carotinoidpulver

Multiproduct Plant for Vitamins and Carotinoid Formulations


  • Guido Schaer



Cleaning-in-place, Formulation, Multipurpose plants, Project, Spray dry, Vitamins


A formulation step is normally required when preparing vitamins and carotinoids for food/pharma applications. The objective of the formulation is to encapsulate the oily or water-insoluble liquids. The production steps are typically:
– emulsification of the oil in a matrix containing water and gelatin or another matrix substance,
– spray drying or cooling of the emulsion to obtain the final product as a fine, free-flowing powder with the appropriate properties for the intended application.
During 1997 and 1999 a project was initiated for a new formulation plant, because demands were increasing, new requirements were arising regarding new products and technologies, and last but not least the economy of the existing plant was not as good as it should be for the future.
The key points of the concept were:
– to maintain flexibility by means of a modular setup of the equipment and digital control system and a fully automated cleaning-in-place system
– to increase the capacity of the equipment by means of economy of scale, scale-up factor 3 compared to the old equipment
– to bring in all the proven new technologies, to have the opportunity of producing as a cost and technology leader.
The new plant was successfully launched during 1999.




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