Issues Management in a Global Environment Issues Management im internationalen Umfeld


  • Jorge Wernli



The purpose of this presentation is to give an overview on the newest developments on Issues Management in international companies. The conclusions were drawn from business experience at Ciba and Novartis as well as from international and American benchmark studies in the industry over the last ten years.The conclusions address expected trends and requirements beyond the year 2000 and focus on the increasing importance of a company's good reputation. In an environment characterized by fast advancing globalization, a revolution in information/communication technologies, fierce media competition and an increasing number of active stakeholders, the reputation of a company is becoming a key success factor for its sustainable growth.Besides being successful in the marketplace of products, companies are under increasing pressure to be winners in the marketplace of opinions. A well-conceived Issues Management approach can be decisive in that effort.When unforeseen incidents and accidents actually happen, Issues Management can help the company respond quickly and professionally preventing the kind of functional paralysis that often accompanies crisis situations.Based on these conclusions, the article also contains a benchmark evaluation model, which can be used to evaluate a company's Issues Management function.




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J. Wernli, Chimia 1998, 52, 719, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.1998.719.