Produkt- und prozess-integrierter Umweltschutz in der chemischen Industrie


  • Konrad Hungerbühler



The chemical industry is becoming more and more determined by environmental and societal issues. This influence creates a framework for the chemical industry which requires a responsibility for products and processes concerning economy, ecology/safety and society. Adherence to this framework can be achieved by means of an integrated development of chemical products and processes over their whole life cycle. The key parameters are societal acceptance, inherent safety and economic and ecological efficiency, employing the corresponding methods of risk/benefit dialogue, risk analysis and life cycle analysis (LCA). This network of parameters and methods leads to the synergies which are necessary for sustainability. These abstract concepts are illustrated by practical examples. Case studies will be necessary tools to bring the promising concept of integrated product and process development to universities and to encourage the cooperation between academia and the chemical industry.




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K. Hungerbühler, Chimia 1995, 49, 93, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.1995.93.