Stickoxidemissionsverminderung bei der Klärschlammverbrennung in einem Wirbelbettofen


  • Raymond Vouillamoz
  • Markus Widmer



The regional ARA in Visp, in which waste water from the communities and from industry is treated, is set up for the daily biological purification of waste water from 350 000 people. Since the quality of the sewage sludge does not meet the requirements for agricultural use, the sludge is burnt after appropriate preparation, in a Fluidised Bed Oven. With the intention of reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides, the mode of operation of the oven has been optimised. The recycling of off-gases would enable emissions to remain below the permitted levels.




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R. Vouillamoz, M. Widmer, Chimia 1994, 48, 551, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.1994.551.