Partikelcharakterisierung in Verbrennungsabgasen


  • Urs Eggenberger
  • Anna-Maria Forss
  • Christian Bach
  • Heinz Burtscher



Based on our current knowledge, particulate matter in Diesel-engine exhaust gases should be classified as toxic. The current regulations define limits only for the total mass emission of particulate matter given in g/km or per energy unit. Other properties such as particle size or chemical composition are not yet considered.The EMPA has been concerned with the detailed analysis of particulate emission since 1992. For this investigation, samples of Diesel exhaust gases and heating-system flue gases are being used. The Diesel engine is operating under various conditions whereas two different oil-burner types are being used in the heating system. The burners are designated 'yellow-flame' and 'blue-flame'.The size distribution of the particles, their morphology, and chemical composition are determined. The initial results show that the particle properties depend on the combustion processes and operating conditions. This investigation is being continued.




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U. Eggenberger, A.-M. Forss, C. Bach, H. Burtscher, Chimia 1994, 48, 232, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.1994.232.



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