Schutz gegen industrielle Schadstoffe durch den ABC-Schutzfilter 74


  • Werner Arnold Gruppe für Rüstungsdienste, Laboratorium Spiez, CH-3700 Spiez
  • André Lavanchy



This paper reports protection performance data of the NBC-canister (NBC-SF 74) against some important industrial agents under various experimental conditions (humidity, challenge concentration). The principles of construction and function of the NBC-SF 74 are explained, and a description of the measuring apparatus is given. The protection capabilities against different compounds are discussed, and for 25 substances the evaluated data listed. For challenge concentrations below 0.5 vol.-% and agents with b.p. > 65°, sufficient protection levels are observed. The protection levels against industrial agents with low b.p. are lower and must be carefully evaluated as a function of the prevailing environment conditions.




How to Cite

W. Arnold, A. Lavanchy, Chimia 1992, 46, 79, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.1992.79.