Ruthenium(II)-diimin-Komplexe: Photosensibilisatoren mit einzigartigen Eigenschaften


  • Peter Belser



Some Ruthenium(II)-diimine complexes have remarkable properties, which allow them to act as photosensitizers for the conversion of 'photon energy' into other utilizable energy forms. Presently, detailed knowledge of many properties in the ground and excited states of a great number of such complexes is available. This knowledge gives the possibility to prepare new compounds with predetermined properties. This article describes the most important properties of this type of compounds with respect to their photosensitizing ability. A discussion of binuclear ruthenium(II)-diimine complexes leads into the field of 'supramolecular chemistry'. The topic concepts 'photonic devices' and 'molecular devices' give interesting outlooks into possible future applications.




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P. Belser, Chimia 1990, 44, 226, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.1990.226.