Enzym-immunologische Tests: Analytische Methoden im Baukastensystem


  • Harald Gallati




Using an enzyme-immunoassay (EIA), virtually alI organic substances can be Simply, specifically, and sensitively determined as well as quantitively evaluated. For these reasons, this assay method may be of interest as an analytic tool for chemists. This report describes the individual components of an 'EIA Building Block System'. A wide variety of assay combinations can be readily developed, but only after several basic concepts have been mastered. These concepts include: what an immunological reaction is; the meaning of antigen, antibody, and enzyme; how these three components interact with the help of covalent bonds; and finally, what effects may be obtained by immobilizing an antigen or an antibody onto a solid phase. The most important EIA versions are systematically presented and discussed in order to examine unique reagent combinations. For readers who intend to further pursue the use of EIA technology, several review articles are indicated as an appendix




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H. Gallati, Chimia 1990, 44, 79, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.1990.79.