CHIMIA, Vol. 73, Issue 07-08/2019 (645)
Materials Science at Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences
P. Brodard*, M. Dabros, R. Marti, E. Vanoli, M. Zinn, U. Frey, C. Adlhart, L. Kind, F. Koch, F. Burgio, J. Stenqvist, S. Saxer, U. Pieles, P. Shahgaldian, S. Wendeborn
CHIMIA, Vol. 73, Issue 05/2019 (422)
Development of a DNA-based Assay to Detect and Quantify Tropane Alkaloids Producing Thornapple Contaminations in Processed Food
A. Weston, P. Brodmann, M. Widmer, J. Bartel, E. Kübler
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 12/2018 (905)
Low-cost Portable Raman Instrument, a Tool toward Counterfeit Medication Identification
J.-P. Bourgeois*, O.Vorlet
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 10/2018 (728)
Bioactive Compounds of Juice and Peels of Yuzu Fruits Cultivated in Switzerland
A. Sprunger , I. Marmillod, A. Kosin´ ska-Cagnazzo, W. Andlauer*
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 09/2018 (652)
Environmental Sciences at Universities of Applied Sciences
S. Crelier*, O. Vorlet, P. Corvini, P. Lienemann
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 05/2018 (345)
Surface Immobilization and Shielding of a Transaminase Enzyme for the Stereoselective Synthesis of Pharmaceutically Relevant Building Blocks
A. T. Alami, F. Richina, M. R. Correro, Y. Dudal, P. Shahgaldian*
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 03/2018 (158)
Synthesis of Advanced Mesoporous Materials by Partial Pseudomorphic Transformation
M. J. Reber, N. Zucchetto, D. Brühwiler*
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 03/2018 (158)
Synthesis of Advanced Mesoporous Materials by Partial Pseudomorphic Transformation
M. J. Reber, N. Zucchetto, D. Brühwiler*
CHIMIA, Vol. 71, Issue 12/2017 (864)
Sustainable Chemistry: From Wine Industry Waste (Wine Lees) to Luminescent Ink-jet Inks Containing Carbon Dots
M. Varisco, D. Zufferey, O. Mamula Steiner*
CHIMIA, Vol. 71, Issue 10/2017 (734)
Production of a Recombinant Catechol 2,3-Dioxygenase for the Degradation of Micropollutants
D. Celesia, I. Salzmann, E. Vaz Porto, F. Walter, C. Weber, R. Dufresne, S. Crelier*
CHIMIA, Vol. 71, Issue 07-08/2017 (525)
Continuous Processes and Flow Chemistry at the Universities of Applied Sciences in Switzerland
C. Allemann*, R. Marti, O. Vorlet, O. Martin, P. Riedlberger, T. Leonhardt, A. Gössi, W. Riedl, J.-M. Segura, M. Zinn, S. Crelier
CHIMIA, Vol. 71, Issue 04/2017 (243)
Engineering Nanosized Organosilica for Molecular Recognition and Biocatalysis Applications
M. R. Correro, Y. Dudal, P. F.-X. Corvini, P. Shahgaldian*
CHIMIA, Vol. 70, Issue 12/2016 (900)
On-line Monitoring and Control of Fed-batch Fermentations in Winemaking
M. Dabros*, G. Genasci, L. Blanchard, S. Unterhofer, Olivier Vorleta, R. M. de Orduña Heidinger, J.-P. Bourgeois
CHIMIA, Vol. 70, Issue 10/2016 (732)
Nucleotide and Nucleotide Sugar Analysis in Cell Extracts by Capillary Electrophoresis
B. Bucsella, A. Fornage, C. Le Denmat, F. Kálmán*
CHIMIA, Vol. 70, Issue 07-08/2016 (555)
International Relations at Universities of Applied Sciences
R. Marti*, M. Dabros, U. Pieles, U. Frey, A. Ecker
CHIMIA, Vol. 70, Issue 05/2016 (366)
Synthesis and Electrophoretic Properties of Novel Nanoparticles for Colored Electronic Ink and e-Paper Applications
C. Jablonski*, G. Grundler, U. Pieles, S. Stebler, R. Oehrlein, Z. Szamel
CHIMIA, Vol. 69, Issue 12/2015 (807)
Effect of Experimental Parameters on Water Splitting Using a Hematite Photoanode
O. Vorlet*, F. Giordano, T. Chappuis, Ch. Ellert
CHIMIA, Vol. 69, Issue 10/2015 (627)
Chemical Modification of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) for the Preparation of Hybrid Biomaterials
M. Bassas-Galià, A. Gonzalez, F. Micaux, V. Gaillard, U. Piantini, S. Schintke, M. Zinn, M. Mathieu*
CHIMIA, Vol. 69, Issue 07-08/2015 (482)
PAT at the Universities of Applied Sciences
M. Dabros*, O. Vorlet, R. Marti, W. Riedlb, G. Grundler, A. Vaccari, M. Zinn, A. Ecker, Ch. Hinderling
CHIMIA, Vol. 69, Issue 05/2015 (294)
Novel Analytical Workflow for Comprehensive Non-targeted Phytochemical Metabolic Profiling
T. Hettich, G. Schlotterbeck*
CHIMIA, Vol. 68, Issue 10/2014 (746)
Optimization of Chemical Reactor Feed by Simulations Based on a Kinetic Approach
Ch. Guinand*, M. Dabros, B. Roduit, T. Meyer, T. Stoessel
CHIMIA, Vol. 68, Issue 07-08/2014 (560)
Surface Chemistry at Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences
P. Brodard, M. E. Pfeifer, Ch. Adlhart, U. Pieles, P. Shahgaldian*
CHIMIA, Vol. 68, Issue 05/2014 (329)
Molecular and in vitro Toxicology at the FHNW
L. Suter-Dicka*, R. F. Prétôta, G. J. Chenb
CHIMIA, Vol. 68, Issue 03/2014 (179)
Freshness Indices of Roasted Coffee: Monitoring the Loss of Freshness for Single Serve Capsules and Roasted Whole Beans in Different Packaging
A. N. Glöss, B. Schönbächler, M. Rast, L. Deuber, C. Yeretzian*
CHIMIA, Vol. 67, Issue 10/2013 (740)
Monitoring Labeling Reactions Using Fluorescence Polarization
Y. Crittin, J. Héritier, J.-M. Segura*
CHIMIA, Vol. 67, Issue 07-08/2013 (611)
Energy-related Chemical Research at the Universities of Applied sciences
W. Riedl, F. Fischer, R. Marti, D. Brühwiler*
CHIMIA, Vol. 67, Issue 06/2013 (425)
Cyclodextrin-based Combinatorial Polymers: Efficient Binders of Pharmaceuticals in Water
P. Shahgaldian*, P. F.-X. Corvini
CHIMIA, Vol. 67, Issue 04/2013 (291)
Modeling and Validation of Heat and Mass Transfer in Individual Coffee Beans during the Coffee Roasting Process Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
B. Alonso-Torres, J. A. Hernández-Pérez, F. Sierra-Espinoza, S. Schenker, C. Yeretzian*
CHIMIA, Vol. 66, Issue 12/2012 (951)
Poly(lactic acid) Synthesis and Characterization
P. Sanglard, V. Adamo, J.-P. Bourgeois, T. Chappuis, E. Vanoli*
CHIMIA, Vol. 66, Issue 10/2012 (803)
Construction of a Peptide Microarray for Auto-antibody Detection
V. Cosandey, F. Debrot, J. Kaeser, R. Marti, P. Passeraub, J. Pétremand, D. Prim, M. E. Pfeifer*
CHIMIA, Vol. 66, Issue 07-08/2012 (645)
Sustainable Chemistry at the Universities of Applied Sciences
P. Sanglard, F. Rogano, O. Naef, W. Riedl, S. Crelier, F. Fischer, F. Morganti, Ch. Hinderling*
CHIMIA, Vol. 66, Issue 03/2012 (132)
CyBy2: A Structure-based Data Management Tool for Chemical and Biological Data
S. Höck, R. Riedl*
CHIMIA, Vol. 64, Issue 05/2010 (328)
Novel Grafting Procedure of Ruthenium 2,2’:6’,2”-Terpyridine Complexes with Phosphonate Ligands to Titania for Water Splitting Applications
M. Waser, Ch. Siebenhaar, J. Zampese, G. Grundler, E. Constable, M. Height, U. Pieles*