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Microfluidics Meets Printed Electronics
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Sequence-controlled Polymers via Controlled Radical Polymerization
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Superfluorescence from Nanocrystal Superlattices
G. Rainò, M. A. Becker, M. I. Bodnarchuk, R. F. Mahrt, T. Stöferle, M. V. Kovalenko
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Metallocene as Mechanophore in Polymers Leads to Metal Ion Release & Oxidation
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Liquid Phase Studies of Nanomaterials
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Biomimetic Polymer Architectures
G. Gunkel-Grabole, W. Meier*
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Assembly, Aggregation and Gelation in Nanocellulose Dispersions
G. Nyström
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Understanding Vesicle Origami
F. Neuhaus, A. Zumbuehl*
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Entanglement Recognition in Polymers
M. Kröger
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Polymers with Exceptional Photoluminescence by Homoconjugation
A. Braendle, A. Perevedentsev, N. J. Cheetham, P. N. Stavrinou, J. A. Schachner, N. C. Mösch-Zanetti, M. Niederberger, W. Caseri*
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Chemical Modification of Polyolefins for Improved Adhesion by Reactive Extrusion
S. Schaible, C. Brändli*
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Anionic Vesicles Can Control the Reaction Pathway of a Highly Reactive Intermediate
S. Luginbühl, P. Walde*
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Nanofiber-based Aerogels
T. Burger, F. Deuber, M. Merk, S. Mousavi, L. Vejsadová, C. Adlhart*
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Mesoporous, Colloidal 3D Materials – Trends and Opportunities in Silica Aerogel
M. M. Koebel*, W. J. Malfait
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Going Nano for Batteries and Drug Delivery
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Continuous Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using the Segmented Flow Tubular Reactor (SFTR)
A. Carino, A. Walter, A. Testino*, H. Hofmann
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Interaction of Rare-earth-based Nanoparticles with Carbon Dioxide
C. Willa, O. Hirsch, D. Koziej*
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What We Talk about when We Talk Nanoparticle–Cell Interaction
S. Balog*, T. Moore, B. Rothen-Rutishauser, A. Petri-Fink*
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Lateral Deformability of Polymer Brushes by AFM-Based Method
S. N. Ramakrishna, E. M. Benetti*
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Polysiloxanes with Increased Permittivity as Artificial Muscles
D. M. Opris*, S. J. Dünki
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Stable Ferromagnetic Nanoparticle Dispersions in Aqueous Solutions
C. J. Hofer, M. Zeltner, R. N. Grass, W. J. Stark*
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Functional Materials from Cellulose Nanofibers
T. Zimmermann*, H. Sehaqui, P. Tingaut
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Structural Studies of Radiation-grafted Copolymer Proton Exchange Membranes
Sandor Balog*
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Leveraging Liquid–Liquid Interfaces to Assemble Responsive Vesicles
Esther Amstad*
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Mechanically Triggered Responses of Metallosupramolecular Polymers
Y. C. Simon, G, L. Fiore, Ch. Weder*
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Formulation of Multifunctional Material Dispersions
T. Szabo, V. Toth, E. Horvath, I. Szilagyi*
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Interfacial Rheology of Bacterial Biofilms at Air/Water and Oil/Water Interfaces
P. A. Rühs, R. F. Inglis, P. Fischer*
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Colloidal Routes to Macroscopic Monoliths of Porous Titania and Copper
N. Kränzlin, F. J. Heiligtag, M. Niederberger*
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Asymmetrically Functionalized Polymeric Dumbbells
F. Guignard and M. Lattuada*
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Polymer–Enzyme Conjugates for Oral Drug Delivery Applications
G. Fuhrmann, M. A. Gauthier, J.-C. Leroux*
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Validation of a Novel Molecular Dynamics Simulation Approach for Lipophilic Drug Incorporation into Polymer Micelles
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Optical Upconversion in Polymeric Nanoparticles
Y. C. Simon*, Ch. Weder
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Shear Stress as Drug Delivery Trigger
M. N. Holme, B. Müller*, T. Saxer*, A. Zumbuehl*
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Non-aggregating Poly(p-benzamide)s
M. Schulze, Ch. Storz, A. F.M. Kilbinger*
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ATRPases: Enzymes as Catalysts for Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
S. J. Sigg, F. Seidi, K. Renggli, T. B. Silva, G. Kali, N. Bruns*