CHIMIA, Vol. 73, Issue 09/2019 (759)
Micropollutants in Bernese Waters
C. Minkowski*, M. Ruff, R. Ryser
CHIMIA, Vol. 73, Issue 07-08/2019 (635)
CMOS and 3D Printing for NMR Spectroscopy at the Single Embryo Scale
M. Grisi, E. Montinaro, F. Vincent, L. Pethö, M. C. Letizia, B. Volpe, N. Harris, A. Beck, R. Guidetti, M. Gijs, J. Michler, J. Brugger, G. Boero*
CHIMIA, Vol. 73, Issue 06/2019 (504)
Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Short-chain Chlorinated Paraffins in Plastic Consumer Products
L. Schinkel, E. Canonica, P. Lienemann, D. Bleiner, N. Heeb
CHIMIA, Vol. 73, Issue 05/2019 (416)
A Generic Approach for High-throughput Blood Analysis
S. Bravo-Veyrat, G. Hopfgartner
CHIMIA, Vol. 73, Issue 03/2019 (206)
Piperine Analogs as Modulators of the Central Nervous System
M. Oufir, V. Zabela, T. Hettich, G. Schlotterbeck, L. Wimmer, M. D. Mihovilovic, F. Guillet, B. Bouaita, Shevchenko, Bénédicte; M. Hamburger
CHIMIA, Vol. 73, Issue 01-02/2019 (91)
Hazardous Plastics in Swiss Lakes?
M. Filella, A. Turner
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 12/2018 (901)
Micro- and Nanoplastic Analysis in Soils
M. Bigalke*, M. Filella, D. Fischer, A. Muntwyler, M. Scheurer, B. Watts
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 11/2018 (816)
Genome Mining-guided and MALDI Imaging-assisted Discovery of New Antibiotics
S. I. Probst, C. Vogel, J. A. Vorholt, J. Piel*
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 10/2018 (726)
Radionuclides in Human Hair of Swiss People
F. Kramer, F. Kammerer, M. Wagmann, M. Zehringer*
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 09/2018 (647)
Enlightening the Lactate Degradation Processes in Cheese and Bacterial Cultures Using Phenylboronic Esterification and GC-MS
R. Badertscher*, C. Freiburghaus, D. Wechsler, S. Irmler
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 07-08/2018 (547)
Detective Work on the Rhine River in Basel – Finding Pollutants and Polluters
S. Ruppe*, D. S. Griesshaber, I. Langlois, H. P. Singer, J. Mazacek
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 06/2018 (425)
Analyzing Breath with Chemical Sensors
J. van den Broek, A. T. Güntner*
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 05/2018 (339)
High-resolution, Non-destructive X-ray Tomography
M. Holler*, M. Guizar-Sicairos, E. H. R. Tsai, M. Odstrcil, R. Dinapoli, E. Müller, A. Diaz, O. Bunk, J. Raab, G. Aeppli
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 04/2018 (254)
Three-quarters of World’s Honey Contain Neonicotinoids
A. Mutabazi, B. Mulhauser, M. Mulot, A. Aebi, E. Mitchell, G. Glauser*
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 03/2018 (152)
Ice-Core Evidence of Earliest Extensive Copper Metallurgy in the Andes 2700 Years ago
A. Eichler*, G. Gramlich, T. Kellerhals, L. Tobler, T. Rehren, M. Schwikowski
CHIMIA, Vol. 72, Issue 01-02/2018 (69)
How to Apply Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis to Complex Environmental Samples
V. Ponsin*, T. E. Buscheck, D. Hunkeler
CHIMIA, Vol. 71, Issue 12/2017 (860)
The Beginnings of Alpine Transhumance? Isotopic Insights into Neolithic Cattle Herding
C. Gerling*, T. Doppler, A. W. G. Pike, C. Knipper, V. Heyd, T. Kuhn, M. F. Lehmann, J. Schibler
CHIMIA, Vol. 71, Issue 11/2017 (778)
ReGaS: SI-traceable Reference Mixtures of Reactive Trace Gases Produced by Mobile Generators
C. Pascale, D. Leuenberger, M. Guillevic, A. Ackermann, B. Niederhauser*
CHIMIA, Vol. 71, Issue 10/2017 (732)
Mineral Oil in Food – The Development of an Issue
Koni Grob*
CHIMIA, Vol. 71, Issue 09/2017 (601)
Quantification of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds Against Surrogate Matrix by HILIC-MS/MS
C. Steuer*, P. Schuetz, L. Bernasconi, A. R. Huber
CHIMIA, Vol. 71, Issue 07-08/2017 (507)
1H High-resolution Magic-Angle-Spinning NMR Spectroscopy to Determine Phosphate Sugars in Biological Tissues and Cell Cultures
G. Diserens*, M. Vermathen, I. Gjuroski, S. Kurth, C. Precht, P. Vermathen
CHIMIA, Vol. 71, Issue 06/2017 (385)
Precision Diagnostics for Mobile Health Using Capillary-driven Microfluidics
E. Delamarche*, Y. Temiz, O. Gökçe, Y. Arango
CHIMIA, Vol. 71, Issue 05/2017 (310)
How Do Plants Know When to Let Go?
S. Augustin, J. Santiago*
CHIMIA, Vol. 71, Issue 04/2017 (242)
Multimode Separation for Metabolomics and Complex Environmental Samples
A. A. Ammann, M. J.-F. Suter*
CHIMIA, Vol. 71, Issue 03/2017 (131)
A Powerful Tool to Better Understand Cement Hydration
F. Caruso*, S. Mantellato, M. Palacios, R. J. Flatt*
CHIMIA, Vol. 71, Issue 01-02/2017 (46)
Using Isotopic Fingerprints to Trace Nitrous Oxide in the Atmosphere
E. Harris*, L. Emmenegger, J Mohn*
CHIMIA, Vol. 70, Issue 12/2016 (899)
Soil Contamination with Trace Metals: Quantification, Speciation, and Source Identification
M. Bigalke*, L. Schwab, S. Gygax, A. Mestrot
CHIMIA, Vol. 70, Issue 11/2016 (816)
Fast Survey of Radiostrontium after an Emergency Incident involving Ionizing Radiation
J. Abraham, F. Kammerer, M.Wagmann, M. Zehringer*
CHIMIA, Vol. 70, Issue 10/2016 (731)
Rapid and Straightforward Quantification of Recombinant Proteins Using Fluorescence Polarization
E. Condemi, D. Prim, R. Brönnimann, J. Fusco, S. Crelier, O. Mamula Steiner, J.-M. Segura*
CHIMIA, Vol. 70, Issue 09/2016 (660)
Real Time Read-Out of Plant Metabolism
C. Barrios-Collado, D. García-Gómez, R. Zenobi, G. Vidal-de-Miguel, A. J. Ibáñez, P. Martinez-Lozano Sinues*
CHIMIA, Vol. 70, Issue 06/2016 (456)
RASPP, a Fully Automated Platform Preparing Analytical Samples
I. Plitzko*, J. Schneider, T. Kissling, C. Bartelmus, T. Zumstein, R. Steiner
CHIMIA, Vol. 70, Issue 05/2016 (365)
Tracking New Halogenated Alkenes in the Atmosphere
M. K. Vollmer*, S. Reimann, M. Hill, B. Buchmann, L. Emmenegger
CHIMIA, Vol. 70, Issue 04/2016 (293)
Dedicated Software Enhancing Data-independent Acquisition Methods in Mass Spectrometry
A. Bilbao, F. Lisacek*, G. Hopfgartner*
CHIMIA, Vol. 70, Issue 03/2016 (208)
Longitudinal Monitoring of Endogenous Blood Steroids as a Tool to Detect Testosterone Abuse in Sport
F. Ponzetto, J. Boccard, N. Baume, S. Rudaz, M. Saugy, R. Nicoli*
CHIMIA, Vol. 70, Issue 01-02/2016 (109)
Investigating the Relationship between Colour Code, Odour, and Flavour Analytics in Swiss Tilsit Cheeses
P. Fuchsmann*, M. T. Stern, Y.-A. Brügger, K. Breme
CHIMIA, Vol. 69, Issue 12/2015 (806)
Deep UV-LED Based Absorbance Detectors for Narrow-Bore HPLC and Capillary Electrophoresis
D. A. Bui, P. C. Hauser*
CHIMIA, Vol. 69, Issue 11/2015 (708)
Multi-Component Trace Gas Spectroscopy Using Dual-Wavelength Quantum Cascade Lasers
L. Emmenegger*, J. Jágerská, R. Brönnimann, J. Faist, P. Jouy, H. Looser, P. Soltic, B. Tuzson
CHIMIA, Vol. 69, Issue 10/2015 (637)
Laser Ablation ICP-MS for Single-Cell-based Tissue Imaging
G. Schwarz, H. A. O. Wang, C. Giessen, D. Schapiro, B. Hattendorf, B. Bodenmiller*, D. Günther*
CHIMIA, Vol. 69, Issue 06/2015 (368)
What are the Sources of Aerosols during Haze Events in China?
S. Szidat*, A. S. H. Prévôt
CHIMIA, Vol. 69, Issue 05/2015 (301)
Gamma Ray Spectrometry of Sewer Sludge – A Useful Tool for the Identification of Emission Sources in a City
N. Rumpel, F. Kammerer, M. Wagmann, M. Zehringer*
CHIMIA, Vol. 69, Issue 04/2015 (231)
Occurrence of Natural Hepatotoxins in Herbal Teas
S. Bieri*, C. Mathon, P. Edder, P. Christen
CHIMIA, Vol. 69, Issue 03/2015 (152)
Benefit-Risk Assessment of Diesel Particle Filters (DPFs): An Analytical and a Toxicological Challenge
N. Heeb*, R. Haag, P. Schmid, C. Seiler, A. Wichser, M. Zennegg, P. Honegger, K. Zeyer, L. Emmenegger, Y. Zimmerli, J. Czerwinski, A. Mayer
CHIMIA, Vol. 69, Issue 01-02/2015 (68)
A Fast and Reliable in vitro Method for Screening of Exhaust Emission Toxicity in Lung Cells
C. Bisig, S. Steiner, J. Czerwinski, P. Comte, A. Mayer, A. Petri-Fink, B. Rothen-Rutishauser*
CHIMIA, Vol. 68, Issue 11/2014 (818)
A Close Look at the Fate of Compounds we are Exposed to
B. Rochat*, J. Bilat, B. Grund
CHIMIA, Vol. 68, Issue 10/2014 (749)
Parasite Reveals Mitochondrial Inheritance Machinery
A. Schneider*, F. Schnarwiler
CHIMIA, Vol. 68, Issue 06/2014 (453)
When Time-to-Result Matters: Identification of Microbes Based on MALDI-TOF Protein and Peptide Profiling
D. Drissner, M.-T. Gekenidis, R. Schlapbach, R. Brunisholz*
CHIMIA, Vol. 68, Issue 05/2014
Lake Sediments Tell the Story of Climate Change
S. Naeher, R. P. North, A. Gilli, D. M. Livingstone, C. J. Schubert*
CHIMIA, Vol. 68, Issue 04/2014 (272)
Identification of Sulfur Mustard Hydrolysis Products by LC-UV-SPE NMR
U. C. Meier*
CHIMIA, Vol. 68, Issue 03/2014 (184)
Mass Spectrometric Characterization of Disulfide Bridges in Snake Venom Proteins
M. S. Goyder*, M. E. Pfeifer, F. Kálmán
CHIMIA, Vol. 68, Issue 01-02/2014 (86)
OMA & OPA – A Software Tool for Mass Spectrometric Sequencing of Nucleic Acids
Y. Hari, S. R. Stucki, A. Nyakas, L. Blum, J.-L. Reymond, S. Schürch*
CHIMIA, Vol. 67, Issue 12/2013 (922)
New Calibration System for Breath-Alcohol Analysers Based on SI
M. Stalder, D. Schwaller, B. Niederhauser, H. Andres, S. Wunderli*
CHIMIA, Vol. 67, Issue 11/2013 (828)
Neutron Activation Analysis – Another Approach to Uranium and Thorium Analysis in Environmental Samples
M. Zehringer*, J. Mazacek, R. Dolf, G. Testa, J. Jourdan
CHIMIA, Vol. 67, Issue 10/2013 (739)
Analytical Strategy to Characterize Drug–Plasma Interactions: From High Throughput to In-depth Analysis
K. Vuignier*, J.-L. Veuthey, P.-A. Carrupt, J. Schappler
CHIMIA, Vol. 67, Issue 09/2013 (684)
A Complete Mass-spectrometric Map of a Eukaryotic Proteome
M. Soste, P. Picotti*
CHIMIA, Vol. 67, Issue 07-08/2013 (610)
Volatile sulphur Compounds in Cheeses – An Odorous Analytical Challenge
P. Fuchsmann*, S. Irmler, K. Breme
CHIMIA, Vol. 67, Issue 06/2013 (428)
Determination of PCR Products by Capillary Electrophoresis with Contactless Conductivity Detection
M. Stojkovic, N. R. Uda, P. Brodmann, P. C. Hauser*
CHIMIA, Vol. 67, Issue 05/2013 (350)
Detecting Heparin in Whole Blood for Point of Care Anticoagulation Control During Surgery
E. Bakker*, G. A. Crespo, M. G. Afshar, T. Saxer, K. Bendjelid
CHIMIA, Vol. 67, Issue 04/2013 (296)
Mass Spectrometric Imaging Applied to Biomedical Research
D. Staab, G. Morandi, M. Stoeckli*
CHIMIA, Vol. 67, Issue 03/2013 (188)
The Story of Pearls – An Elemental Perspective
S. Allner, F. Peretti, K. Hametner, M. B. Fricker, A. Peretti, D. Günther*
CHIMIA, Vol. 67, Issue 01-02/2013 (86)
Structure Elucidation in Water Analysis – A Need?
J.-D. Berset*, M. Godejohann*, D. Muff
CHIMIA, Vol. 66, Issue 12/2012 (950)
Allergy Diagnostics Using Magnetic Beads in a GRAVITM-Cell Microfluidic Device
N. Gasilova, G. Proczek, A.-L. Gassner, J.-M. Busnel, H. H. Girault*
CHIMIA, Vol. 66, Issue 11/2012 (877)
Synchrotron-based Spectroscopy Reveals First Evidence for Organic Sulfur-coordinated Arsenic in Peat
P. Langner, C. Mikutta*, R. Kretzschmar
CHIMIA, Vol. 66, Issue 10/2012 (802)
X-Ray Structure of a Heterodimeric ABC Transporter Crystallized in its Inward-Facing Conformation
M. Hohl, M. G. Grütter*, M. A. Seeger*
CHIMIA, Vol. 66, Issue 09/2012 (714)
Cell Growth Processes in Arabidopsis thaliana are Modified by Flavonols
C. Ringli*, B. M. Kuhn, Laurent Bigler*
CHIMIA, Vol. 66, Issue 07-08/2012 (644)
POPs - A Haunting Legacy
P. Schmid*, C. Bogdal, N. Blüthgen, F. S. Anselmetti
CHIMIA, Vol. 66, Issue 07-08/2012 (664)
POPs – A Haunting Legacy
P. Schmid*, C. Bogdal, N. Blüthgen, F. S. Anselmetti
CHIMIA, Vol. 66, Issue 06/2012 (443)
On-Line Process Control of the Roast Degree of Coffee
F. Wieland, A. N. Gloess, M. Keller, A. Wetzel, S. Schenker, C. Yeretzian*
CHIMIA, Vol. 66, Issue 05/2012 (346)
Detection and Significance of Cocaine Traces on Swiss and Euro Banknotes
F. Anglada, O. Delémont*, O. Guéniat, P. Esseiva
CHIMIA, Vol. 66, Issue 04/2012 (257)
Carbon Isotopic Composition in the Water Column of Lake Rotsee Reveals Importance of Methane Oxidat.
T. Diem, O. Scheidegger, C. J. Schubert*
CHIMIA, Vol. 66, Issue 03/2012 (131)
Polonium - on the Trace of a Powerful Alpha Nuclide in the Environment
F.Richter, M. Wagmann, M. Zehringer*
CHIMIA, Vol. 66, Issue 01-02/2012 (65)
A Novel Tube-based Format for Dried Blood Spots Integrating Sample Collection and Sample Preparation
M. Wagner, E. Varesio, G. Hopfgartner*
CHIMIA, Vol. 65, Issue 12/2011 (978)
Microdroplets and Magnetic Beads: Fishing for Molecules in nL Volumes
D. Lombardi, P S. Dittrich*
CHIMIA, Vol. 65, Issue 11/2011 (875)
NIR Spectroscopy to Identify Counterfeit Drugs
S. Meyer*
CHIMIA, Vol. 65, Issue 10/2011 (814)
J-based Configuration Analysis: An Enabling NMR-Spectroscopic Tool (...)
C. Nilewski, E. M. Carreira*
CHIMIA, Vol. 65, Issue 09/2011 (744)
A New Function of Hydrocarbons in Insect Communication: Maternal Care and Offspring Signalling (...)
F. Mas, J. Meunier, M. Kölliker*
CHIMIA, Vol. 65, Issue 07-08/2011 (620)
Role of Fluid Inclusion Analysis in Understanding Gigantic Selenite Crystal Growth (...)
M. B. Frickera, P. S. Garofalob, D. Günther*
CHIMIA, Vol. 65, Issue 06/2011 (438)
Continuum Between Ritual and Medicinal Use of Plants: Smoke Analysis of Ritual Plants from Southwest
C. S. Weckerle*, P. O. Staub, F. P. Schiestl
CHIMIA, Vol. 65, Issue 05/2011 (361)
Lighting-up Cancerous Cells and Tissues with Lanthanide Luminescence
J.-C. G. Bünzli*, C. D.B. Vandevyver, A.-S. Chauvin, Martin Gijs, H.-A. Lehr
CHIMIA, Vol. 65, Issue 04/2011 (275)
A Tough Nut to Crack: Quantitative Analysis of Heavy Metals in Automotive Brake Linings
R. Figi*, O. Nagel, M. Tuchschmid, P. Lienemanna, U. Gfeller, N. Bukowieckia
CHIMIA, Vol. 65, Issue 03/2011 (176)
Acesulfame: From Sugar Substitute to Wastewater Marker
I. J. Buerge*. T. Poiger
CHIMIA, Vol. 65, Issue 01-02/2011 (105)
Non-invasive Medical Diagnostic by Breath Analysis: Acetone Detection
M.Righettoni, A. Tricoli, S. E. Pratsinis*
CHIMIA, Vol. 64, Issue 12/2010 (886)
Blood Doping Detection - A New Analytical Approach with Capillary Electrophoresis
A. Staub, S. Rudaz, M. Saugy, J.-L. Veuthey, J. Schappler*
CHIMIA, Vol. 64, Issue 11/2010 (825)
Enhancing the Quality and Efficiency of Analytical Method Development as Part of the QbD Framework
C. Meyer*, T. Soldo, U. Kettenring
CHIMIA, Vol. 64, Issue 10/2010 (754)
Optical Detection of Endogenous Biological Cyanide
F. Zelder*, C- Männel-Croisé
CHIMIA, Vol. 64, Issue 09/2010 (668)
HPLC on the Dance Floor
D. Allemann, H. Pauli, A. Mürner, S. Steiner, H.-J. Helmlin*
CHIMIA, Vol. 64, Issue 07-08/2010 (616)
Copeptin: A New Prognostic Stress-Marker in Ischemic Stroke
M. Katan, M. Christ-Crain*
CHIMIA, Vol. 64, Issue 05/2010 (322)
The Role of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Indirect Defense of Plants Against Insect Herbivores
M. Held*, M. D’Alessandro, I. Hiltpold, T. C. J. Turlings
CHIMIA, Vol. 64, Issue 04/2010 (267)
(...) Dark Chocolate May Beneficially Modulate the Stress-related Metabolism in Humans
F.-P. J. Martin, S. Rezzi, S. Collino, S. Kochhar *
CHIMIA, Vol. 64, Issue 03/2010 (196)
What Damage Can Biodiesel Cause in Jet Fuel?
V. Purghart*, H. Jäckle
CHIMIA, Vol. 64, Issue 01-02/2010 (95)
Identification of Dioxin Metabolites in the Poisoning Case of Victor Yushchenko
M. Zennegg*, O. Sorg, P. Schmid, J.-H. Saurat
CHIMIA, Vol. 63, Issue 12/2009 (889)
Temperature Changes in the Altai Are Driven by Solar and Anthropogenic Forcing
A. Eichler*, S. Olivier, K. Henderson, A- Laube, J. Beer, H. W. Gäggeler, T. Papina, M. Schwikowski