PD Dr. Hans Peter Lüthi, Prof. Dr. Silvio Decurtins
H. P. Lüthi, S. Decurtins
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Table of Contents
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Ruthenium-based Photocatalysis in Templated Reactions
J. Saarbach*, E. Lindberg, N. Winssinger*
207 | Online Article | Editorial (Open Access)
Transforming Olefins into Dinucleophiles
A. García-Domínguez, C. Nevado*
212 | Online Article | Editorial (Open Access)
High-spin Metal Centres in Dipolar EPR Spectroscopy
K. Keller, T. Wiegand, R. Cadalbert, B. H. Meier, A. Böckmann, G. Jeschke, M. Yulikov*
216 | Online Article | Editorial (Open Access)
Repurposing the Selective Oestrogen Receptor Modulator Tamoxifen for the Treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
E. Gayi, L. A. Nef, H. M. Ismail, U. T. Ruegg, L. Scapozza, O. M. Dorchies*
238 | Online Article | Editorial (Open Access)
Ag Nanoencapsulation for Antimicrobial Applications
S.-L. Abram, J. Gagnon, M. Priebe, N. Hérault, K. M. Fromm*
249 | Online Article | Editorial (Open Access)
Swiss Science Concentrates, 2018/04
A. Johnson, A. Karimi, C. L. Lin, V. Schreier, N. W. Luedtke*
253 | PDF | Column: Swiss Science Concentrates
Three-quarters of World’s Honey Contain Neonicotinoids
A. Mutabazi, B. Mulhauser, M. Mulot, A. Aebi, E. Mitchell, G. Glauser*
254 | PDF | Column: Highlights of Analytical Sciences in Switzerland
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SCS Fall Meeting 2018, Call for Contributions
D. Spichiger
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