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Instructions to Authors 2018
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Editorial (6)
PD Dr. Hans Peter Lüthi, Prof. Dr. Antonio Togni
H. P. Lüthi, A. Togni
Column: Swiss Science Concentrates (68)
Swiss Science Concentrates, 2018/01-02
A. Johnson, A. Karimi, C. L. Lin, V. Schreier, N. W. Luedtke*
Column: Highlights of Analytical Sciences in Switzerland (69)
How to Apply Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis to Complex Environmental Samples
V. Ponsin*, T. E. Buscheck, D. Hunkeler
Column: Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology Highlights (70)
Deep Learning Invades Drug Design and Synthesis
J. Arús-Pous, D. Probst, J.-L. Reymond*
Conference Report (72)
Chemtogether 2017 ETH Zürich
D. Hahn*, L. Lätsch*
Conference Report (75)
Meet & Greet of the Alfred Werner Scholarships
E. Godineau
Column: Biotechnet Switzerland (76)
TEDD Annual Meeting with 3D Bioprinting Workshop
M. Raghunath, M. Rimann, K. S. Kopanska, S. Laternser
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Community News
Scientific Articles (11)
Die SimplyScience Stiftung
T. Flüeler
Impressum (117)
Scientific Articles (16)
Teaching Fundamental Aspects of Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis in Higher Education
U. Leisinger, U. Leutenegger, R. Alberto*
Scientific Articles (27)
Chemistry and Art
J. Lipscher
Scientific Articles (32)
Adopting the Chemical Potential in the High School Curriculum: Why Not?
P. Lubini*, M. D’Anna*
Scientific Articles (36)
Integrating Chemistry: Crossing the Millennium Divide
C. E. Housecroft
Scientific Articles (55)
Educational Tools to Introduce Computer-Aided Drug Design to Students and to the Public at Large
A. Daina, M.-C. Blatter, V. Baillie Gerritsen, V. Zoete*