Table of Contents (570)
Table of Contents
Scientific Articles, Open Access (582)
Improving Heterogeneous Catalyst Stability for Liquid-phase Biomass Conversion and Reforming
F. E. Héroguel, B. Rozmysłowicz, J. S. Luterbacher*
Scientific Articles, Open Access (592)
Application of Ionic Liquids in the Downstream Processing of Lignocellulosic Biomass
S. Siankevich, Z. Fei, N. Yan*, P. J. Dyson*
Scientific Articles, Open Access (597)
Chemicals from Lignin by Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis, from Product Control to Reaction Mechanism
Z. Ma, V. Custodis, P. Hemberger, C. Bährle, F. Vogel, G. Jeschke, J. A. van Bokhoven*
Scientific Articles, Open Access (603)
Reactors for Catalytic Methanation in the Conversion of Biomass to Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG)
T. J. Schildhauer*, S. M. A. Biollaz
Scientific Articles, Open Access (608)
CO Methanation for Synthetic Natural Gas Production
A. Kambolis*, T. Schildhauer*, O. Kröcher*
Scientific Articles, Open Access (614)
Opportunities for Switzerland to Contribute to the Production of Algal Biofuels:
M. Bagnoud-Velásquez* D. Refardt, F. Vuille, C. Ludwig
Column: Universities of Applied Sciences (FH-HES) (627)
Chemical Modification of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) for the Preparation of Hybrid Biomaterials
M. Bassas-Galià, A. Gonzalez, F. Micaux, V. Gaillard, U. Piantini, S. Schintke, M. Zinn, M. Mathieu*
Column: Universities of Applied Sciences (FH-HES) (631)
One Step ahead in Cell Cultivation – International Advanced Training Course at ZHAW Waedenswil
E. Heinzelmann
Column: Highlights of Analytical Sciences in Switzerland (637)
Laser Ablation ICP-MS for Single-Cell-based Tissue Imaging
G. Schwarz, H. A. O. Wang, C. Giessen, D. Schapiro, B. Hattendorf, B. Bodenmiller*, D. Günther*
Column: Swiss Science Concentrates (638)
Swiss Science Concentrates, 2015/10
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