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Dr. Fabrice Gallou
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Table of Contents
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85 Years of Catalysis at Firmenich
L. Saudan
Scientific Articles (707)
Catalyst Development for Water/CO2 Co-electrolysis
A. Dutta, F. Bizzotto, J. Quinson, A. Zana, C. E. Morstein, M. Rahaman, A. Cedeño López, M. Arenz*, P. Broekmann*
Scientific Articles (714)
Interface-rich Aqueous Systems for Sustainable Chemical Synthesis
D. Kaldre, F. Gallou, C. Sparr*, M. Parmentier*
Scientific Articles (720)
On the Sustainability of Photochemical Reactions
C. G. Bochet
Scientific Articles (724)
ChemPager: Now Expanded for even Greener Chemistry
H. Loureiro, M. Prem, G. Wuitschik*
Scientific Articles (730)
Environmental Metrics to Drive a Cultural Change: Our Green Eco-Label
U. Onken, A. Koettgen, H. Scheidat, P. Schueepp, F. Gallou*
Scientific Articles (737)
Bromine Recycling in the Chemical Industry – An Example of Circular Economy
F. Pilloud*, N. Pouransari, L. Renard, R. Steidle
Scientific Articles (743)
Enzymatic PET Degradation
A. Papadopoulou, K. Hecht, R. Buller*
Column: Swiss Science Concentrates (758)
Swiss Science Concentrates
Y. Baumgartner, N. Niggli, D. Savary, P. Thesmar, O. Baudoin*
Column: Highlights of Analytical Sciences in Switzerland (759)
Micropollutants in Bernese Waters
C. Minkowski*, M. Ruff, R. Ryser
Column: Chemical Education (760)
The Colour Violet: Chemistry or Physics?
C.E. Housecroft
Column: SCS Foundation (771)
Meet&Greet Event 2019 of the Alfred Werner Scholars
V. Herdtweck, H. P. Lüthi*
Column: scnat (772)
12th Young Faculty Meeting, 28th May 2019
T. Šolomek*, P. Rivera-Fuentes*, L. Merz*
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