Guest Editors:

Dr. Claudio Battilocchio, Dr. Edouard Godineau, Syngenta Crop Protection AG

Scientific Articles:

A New World for Chemical Synthesis?
Steven V. Ley,* Yiding Chen, Daniel E. Fitzpatrick and Oliver May

Lilly Research Award Program (LRAP): A Successful Academia-Industry Partnership Model in the Context of Flow Chemistry for Drug Discovery
Carlos Mateos

Fouling of Flow Reactors in Organolithium Mediated Transformations: Experience on Scale-up and Proposed Solution
Paolo Filipponi, Bertrand Guelat, Julien Haber, Serena Mostarda, Ruairi O’Meadhra, Lorenzo Piccioni, Jutta Polenk, Berthold Schenkel, Silke Schoenebeck, Alexander Streit, Roger Suremann, Francesco Venturoni* and Stefan Wegmann

A Hybridised Optimisation of an Automated Photochemical Continuous Flow Reactor
Jamie A. Manson, Adam D. Clayton, Carlos Gonzalez Niño,, Ricardo Labes, Thomas W. Chamberlain, A. John Blacker, Nikil Kapur, Richard A. Bourne*

A Chemoselective and Scalable Transfer Hydrogenation of Aryl Imines by Rapid Continuous Flow Photoredox Catalysis
Rowan L. Pilkington, Nikolai P. Rossouw, Dean J. vanAs and Anastasios Polyzos*

Building up a Continuous Flow Platform as an Enabler to the Preparation of Intermediates on Kilogram Scale
Edouard Godineau, Claudio Battilocchio, Mukul Lal


The Current Dietary Risk Assessment of Chemicals in Food Underestimates the Actual Risk
Jürg A. Zarn*, H. Christoph Geiser


David Spichiger, SCS