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Editorial: Prof. Sandrine Gerber
S. Gerber
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Scientific Articles (232)
Quantifying Isotopic Signatures of N2O Using Quantum Cascade Laser Absorption Spectroscopy 
K. Kantnerová, B. Tuzson, L. Emmenegger, S. M. Bernasconi, J. Mohn*
Scientific Articles (245)
Conceptual Framework of Organic Electronics 
G. Gryn’ova, C. Corminboeuf*
Scientific Articles (252)
Chemical Shift Tensors – Why Should We Care? 
C. P. Gordon, C. Copéret*
Scientific Articles (257)
Stick, Flick, Click: DNA-guided Fluorescent Labeling of Long RNA for Single-molecule FRET 
F. D. Steffen*, R. Börner, E. Freisinger, R. K. O. Sigel*
Scientific Articles (268)
Pulsed EPR Methods to Study Biomolecular Interactions 
I. Ritsch*, D. Klose, H. Hintz, A. Godt, G. Jeschke, M. Yulikov
Scientific Articles (277)
Healing of Polymeric Solids by Supramolecular Means 
L. N. Neumann*, C. Weder, S. Schrettl*
Scientific Articles (283)
Analytical Approaches for Monitoring DNA–Protein Interactions 
S.-J. Wu, A. A. Boghossian*
Scientific Articles (288)
Mechanistic Understanding of Halogen-mediated Catalytic Processes for Selective Natural Gas Functionalization 
G. Zichittella, V. Paunovic´ , J. Pérez-Ramírez*
Scientific Articles (304)
Cellular Uptake Mediated by Cyclic Oligochalcogenides 
R. Martinent*, Q. Laurent, N. Sakai, S. Matile*
Scientific Articles (308)
Recent Advances in Bioorthogonal Reactions 
R. J. B. Schäfer, M. R. Aronoff, H. Wennemers*
Scientific Articles (313)
Molecular Magnetic Switches 
D.Cˇ avlovic´ *, M. Jurícˇ ek*
Scientific Articles (317)
Multifunctional Molecular Modulation for Efficient and Stable Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells 
J. V. Milic´ *, D. J. Kubicki, L. Emsley, M. Grätzel
Scientific Articles (324)
A Diversity of Asymmetric Nano-/Microcolloidal Architectures Grown by ATRP from Janus Seeds 
J. V. Milic´ *, D. J. Kubicki, L. Emsley, M. Grätzel
Column: Swiss Science Concentrates (329)
Swiss Science Concentrates, 2019/04
Y. Baumgartner, N. Niggli, D. Savary, P. Thesmar, O. Baudoin
Column: Highlights of Analytical Sciences in Switzerland (330)
Revealing Pre-analytical Pitfalls in Concentration Determination of Peptides by Quantification of Amino Acid Fluorescence
M. D. Allenspach, J. A. Fuchs, C. Steuer
Column: Polymer and Colloid Highlights (331)
Sequence-controlled Polymers via Controlled Radical Polymerization
R. Whitfield, N. P. Truong, A. Anastasaki
Column: Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology Highlights (332)
Ruthenium – A Non-essential Element that May Become Essential in Treating Chemoresistant Cancers
P. J. Dyson
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