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Boron in Medicinal Chemistry: Powerful, but Neglected
P. Mäder
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Peptides from Spider Venoms: A Natural Source of Bioinsecticides
F. Benfatti
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Organic Fluorine: The Mighty Mite
K. Müller
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International Year of the Periodic Table 2019: Elements Important for Life Sciences
R. Alberto, U. Abram
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An Element of Community: EFMC, the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry
Y. P. Auberson
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News from DMCCB - Targeted Protein Degradation
G. Jaeschke
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The Partnership of DMCCB and LS2
C. von Schoultz*, C. Heinis, Y. Auberson
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Practical Aspects of Machine Learning for the Design-Synthesis-Purify-Assay Workflow
F. Sirockin*, N. Stiefl*
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Drugs Based on de novo-developed Peptides are Coming of Age
K. Deyle, C. Heinis*
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Deep Learning Invades Drug Design and Synthesis
J. Arús-Pous, D. Probst, J.-L. Reymond*
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Antimicrobial Resistance and Antibiotics Research in Switzerland
C. Zumbrunn